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The Naturally Inspired Story

naturallyinspired is as much about a lifestyle option, as it is a true treasure trove of amazing natural products. At naturallyinspired... WE BELIEVE IN ALL THINGS NATURAL.

There is nothing more relaxing and calming to one’s wellbeing than to surround yourself with all things natural. Enjoy the stunning beauty of stone statuary, or the sound of a trickling water feature that time itself has created, all whilst enjoying the comfort of one of our natural gazebo’s.

As gardens and block sizes are getting smaller and smaller, care must be taken to create a soft & natural balance to today’s hard and sterile building materials. We specialize in natural building and landscaping products like Brushwood Fencing & Bamboo Fencing, Bamboo Privacy Screens - both available in a flexible or a rebated framed panel. For the inside we offer Bamboo Ply, ideal for lining ceilings and walls.

Have an unsightly fence or shed to cover? Or maybe you need to soften or insulate your garden from one of those hot metal fences?

Have a look at our range of fence cladding materials like Melaleuca Brushwood Panels, Fern Reed (Natureed ®) and Bamboo Reed and Panels. Our bamboo and reed products are ideal for overhead shade, bringing filtered light to your pergola and courtyards.

Enhance your home & garden with our extensive range of natural Décor products, Statuary, Water Features, Planters, Pots and Bowls. Particularly for the inside, add those finishing touches and style with our unique blend of Home wares, Art, Vases, Pottery and stylish lighting solutions.

We hope you enjoy the journey through our web site - Stephen Mant (Owner).